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About Awaaz.De

Awaaz.De develops cost-effective, easy-to-use communication and data collection tools that work on mobiles and landlines, breaking language and literacy barriers. With 4 million phone calls to over 400,000 recipients in India and 6 countries globally, we develop mobile technology tools for a diverse set of users and clients with unique needs.

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Signing up for Awaaz.De Streams will allow you to:

  1. Record a message via phone or web-browser
  2. Send the message as a phonecall to a group of listeners
  3. Take feedback from the group as touchtone or voice recording
  4. Create ‘missed call’ numbers for listeners to call in and listen for free


Helping over 300+ social organizations to create impact since 2011. Read more clients stories here.

Connecting 400000+ people through 6 million+ phone calls..


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