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Send voice messages through phone calls, take responses, and manage online. No apps or software required.
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Three Easy Steps

Create a group

Create a group

Your free, dedicated group number archives all your messages for people to call and access any time. Add new group members in just three clicks

Send a message

Send a message

Record over phone or web. Send immediately or schedule for later


Review feedback

Collect recordings or responses from every member

Additional Features

Dedicated Phone Numbers

Every group assigned a dedicated number to send or receive messages


Buy low-cost prepaid credits, send messages. Pay only for what you use

Cloud Hosted

No software to install, no setup. Just log in and send messages

Detailed Reporting

See in-depth reports on user behavior and response

Any Language

Send content in any language. Don't compromise your communication

Call In/Missed Call Messaging

Users can call in or missed call your group number to hear message archive


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Mini Pack

1500 Messages


  • Rs. 3,798 Dedicated Number
  • Rs. 852 Plan Price

Smart Pack

18000 Messages


  • Rs. 3,798 Dedicated Number
  • Rs. 9,552 Plan Price

Blaster Pack

36,000 Messages


  • Rs. 3,798 Dedicated Number
  • Rs. 18,002 Plan Price

Unlimited Messaging

Send unlimited messages

Additional Dedicated Number

Valid for 12 months

Rs. 3,798

* 1 message = 30 secs voice call